Tuesday, January 30, 2024

New Editions, New Host, and more!

 So, once again, it’s been a bit since I’ve communicated.  But this time there is news!  I’m thrilled to report that there are going to be new releases of all the Maradaine Saga books from Artemisia Books.  The Thorn of Dentonhill and A Murder of Mages are already out, and the rest of Phase One will be coming out in February!

  • FEBRUARY 6th: The Holver Alley Crew and Way of the Shield
  • FEBRUARY 13th: The Alchemy of Chaos, An Import of Intrigue, Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe and Shield of the People
  • FEBRUARY 20th: The Imposters of Aventil, A Parliament of Bodies, The Fenmere Job and People of the City

We’ll be seeing An Unintended Voyage coming out mid-March, and both The Assassins of Consequence and The Quarrygate Gambit.All of these are being released as trade paperback and e-book, which also means these will be the first time Assassins and Quarrygate will be released in physical media! All of them will be $17.99 (USD) for trade paperback and $3.99 for ebook.  

However, if you go to the Artemisia website, you can find direct purchase links for the trade paperbacks for $14.99, and week of release for each, on my website, there will be a special limited time purchase link for each one for $11.99, including Thorn and Murder the first week.

Beyond that, further Maradaine Phase Two titles will be coming out from Artemisia, with the fourth Maradaine Constabulary novel, An Unkindness of Uncircled Mages, hopefully out before the end of the year.

Also, just so you know it’s not forgotten, The Velocity of Revolution will get its own Artemisia re-release, most likely in May, but there’s still some details to hammer out there so it might take a little longer.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the podcast!  We’ve had some big changes, namely we’ve now been joined by the amazing Natania Barron!  If you’ve not caught up yet, go check it out!  The past few episodes we’ve not had any additional guests, so we could get into a new rhythm with Natania, but in upcoming episodes we’ll be joined  by some brilliant writers like Fonda Lee, Melissa Caruso, Gwenda Bond, Premee Mohammad and more!

In February I’ll be appearing at FenCon, so if you are in the greater DFW area and wish to say hello, here’s a great chance.  That’ll be February 23-25.

Also, in addition to all the above, I have a few more things in the works, but nothing I can really talk about yet.  I’m excited to share it all when I can.