Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I took a brief respite from my add-20k-to-Thorn of Dentonhill project to write a ten-minute play over the weekend for Austin Scriptworks. I've been a frequent participant in the 10-Minute Play Weekend Fling... in fact, I think I'm the most frequent participant. Over the years I've done it nine times, missing only the first two (before I was a Scriptworks member) and in 2005 when the project was to do a five-minute radio script instead of a ten-minute play. Of my previous eight scripts, five were chosen for the showcase production: Last Train Out of Illinois (which I still hope to expand into a full-length show someday), Freaks of Nature and Acts of God (what I would consider the weakest of my "winning" scripts), Danger Girl's Night Off (a personal favorite, and soon to be made into a short film by a friend of mine), Hourglass (my wife's favorite) and Ten Minutes Ago.

This year's entry, "The Q"... it's hard to gauge it off the bat, since I'm still "close" to it. But I like it, and I'd certainly put it up there with the two most recent as a strong piece.

But we'll see in February or so if it's chosen.

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