Thursday, December 10, 2009

So, now that the manuscript for Thorn of Dentonhill is at fighting weight, and off to the prospective agent, so it's time to rev up the gears for the next thing. The question is, what, exactly, is that.

First, there's second drafting Holver Alley Crew. I've got my writing group's notes, and I know I should also bring that up to 90,000 words for the next draft, which I don't think will be a problem.

Next, there's finishing the scripts for Triple Cross, which was going full steam when I got the word to expand Thorn. I need to find the momentum on that.

Which is the key word, I've found, on any writing project: momentum. Getting going is something I always have to muscle through. Once it's moving, once I'm in it, then I can keep pushing it. When it really starts rolling... then it can't be stopped.

USS Banshee has not quite found its momentum yet. I think it's a question of worldbuilding. I haven't quite hit it deeply enough, it hasn't marinated long enough.

In two weeks I'll be in Mexico, which usually is Intense Writing Retreat. I would love to delve deep into, say, Maradaine Constabulary or Vanguard.

But, as usually, I'll get moving on things, and see what really starts rolling.

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