Thursday, February 11, 2010

Infested with Brain Buzzes

My brain is always buzzing with ideas. Else I wouldn’t be a writer, and there wouldn’t be much point to this whole thing, would there?

But sometimes, even when I need to be focusing my creative energy on something specific (in the case of here and now, working on Maradaine Constabulary), the Brain Buzzes go crazy and it’s nigh impossible to work on what I should. Until I spend a little bit of time cultivating the New Idea, it’s not going to leave me alone.

Usually cultivation involves a bit of worldbuilding, character creation or outlining. I do some notes, and that’s usually enough to quiet my brain, set those ideas in the back of my head to ferment into something more cohesive, and get back to work.

This week, though, there’s been a LOT of Brain Buzzing.

  • A new idea I’ll just call The Heroine Project for now. It’s little more than a vague idea.
  • Reworking the history of Banshee-verse to expand the exploration of our solar system. I blame watching Defying Gravity for this one.
  • Finishing the scripts for Triple Cross.

So I’ll be working on those things, hopefully that will quiet the buzzing.

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