Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey, look. A milestone of sorts.

So, it's more or less been a year since I decided to write in this blog twice a week every week.  And what do you know, a year later, I've held to that plan.  Admittedly, I've had a few days where my entry was a bit on the late side (by hours, mind you, not days or anything), but I can point to the whole years worth of Monday-and-Thrusday posts and say, "Yup, I did it.".  It's been a useful exercise.

In that year, I've noticed a steady and solid build in readership.  Nothing huge yet, mind you, but a build nonetheless.  No posts have really been huge barnstormers (the one with the biggest numbers is the Worldbuilding Link Post, but even that isn't exactly setting the internet on fire).  This is probably because I'm not exactly writing things that are controversial or even search engine candy.  (Next week, I discuss how Harry Potter and Lady Gaga connect to Justin Beiber's kitten-eating fetish, and start online feuds with Neil Gaiman, Scott Lynch and John Scalzi AT THE SAME TIME.)

And, frankly, the last year has been pretty good to me.  A year ago I went to the DFW Writer Con, with the hopes of pitching to agents.  Now I have an agent (although not from DFW), and through him, I have two manuscripts shopping around, and one more that should be making its journey soon.  Three novels on the market?  Can't be too shabby.  I'd love to be able to announce that I've signed a deal, and with any luck that announcement will be coming this year.  But this business moves slowly, and I've made peace with that.  I believe it will happen, and I can continue to be patient.  The point is this: I'm pleased with the progression I've made so far.  More to the point, I'm pleased with my writing, and what it's evolved to. 

This past year has been a useful exercise, and like any exercise, I'm going to continue doing it for as long as I'm seeing value.  And I definitely still am.

So, of to the word mines.  I've got another book to write.


Daniel Fawcett said...

I wish I had something profound to say, but I don't. Just "congratulations" and, well... I'm a bit jealous. Good for you, and keep slogging in the mines, my friend.

Marshall Ryan Maresca said...

I was pretty much stretching for something resembling profound there myself.

In terms of making it yourself, best advice I have is, set a reasonable goal and force yourself to make it regularly.

See you in the mines.

nMichael Cato said...

Hats off. Remember my little Clarion pledge? Know how much of those stories I wrote? About 0%.

Marshall Ryan Maresca said...

Back on the horse, Caton.