Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nominating the Hugos

Since I'm attending LoneStarCon this summer, I'm eligible to nominate for the Hugos.  The deadline for nomination is this Sunday, and I'm still on the fence of whether or not I will make any nominations.

This is because I feel grossly underqualified and underread to make nominations.  I honestly have absolutely no clue what this year's best stuff is.  I'm not entirely that the stuff I read this year applies to this year.*  I certainly don't have very strong opinions of what should (or shouldn't) be nominated.  Maybe in the Dramatic Presentation fields, mostly because I'm fairly certain that we can do better in Short Form than four episodes of Doctor Who and a random viral video.

OK, I'm exaggerating on that last bit.  But not by much.

But nominating, in an open field of everything, most of which I'm woefully informed about?  It's too big, too nebulous.  And, in a way, irresponsible of me. 

Now, once things are nominated, I'd feel comfortable making choices based on that narrow field.  I'd actually consider it a responsibility to read the nominees and make an informed opinion.  That, I'm looking forward to.

But if someone out there knows of something that they think honestly deserves nomination, so much so that I should step up and make a point of nominating for the sake of that work... well, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.  So let's have it.

OK, I do have one strong opinion:   Stina Leicht for the Campbell Award.  So maybe I'll nominate just for that.


*- Wouldn't that be the best award?  Best Book That Came Out A While Ago But I Only Got Around To Reading This Year. 


Graham Clements said...

As Harry Potter movies have been on the shortlist before - they are not science fiction - I think The Walking Dead, could squeeze in for a nomination for best television series. The best science fiction movie I saw last year was Prometheus. It explored grand themes and ideas and left plenty of room for speculation. As for novels - I am very much enjoying The Twelve by Justin Cronin at the moment - it is horror/science fiction. Apart from writing a great story, Cronin is a superior writer. And if you have to nominate a doctor who, nominate the first one of last years short season with the Daleks in it.

Michael Caton said...

You have a chance to vote for Hugo nominations and you're not taking it? Is there more wrong with you than I already thought? Don't miss that opportunity.

Unknown said...

I could not be in that position at all. Best of luck with your nominations. With great power, comes great responsibility.