Thursday, March 12, 2015

Flash Fiction Challenge

I'm a big believer in exercises to keep writing skills fresh, so a bit of flash fiction using six assigned words is a nice break from the usual.
Smell of bacon always brings 'em.
Normally these beasties would be smart enough to stay clear, but a little combustion and pork turns them into zombies, heading right to me like a moth to a flame.  Can't say I blame them, since it's delicious.
But so are they.  Best source of protein on this rock.
The critters come skittering in-- eighteen horrible legs each.  I pick up my knife and get ready.  First one approaches, and I aim right for the top of its thorax.  Piercing the hard exoskeleton, I slice into the gelatinous nerve center-- closest thing it has to a brain.  It goes down fast, which is good, because the next is already right on me.  Another quick stab puts it down as well, and then a third.
Now the scent in the air changes, and the beasts know what's up.  The rest run off.
Three kills.  I can eat well for a couple weeks on that.  Which is good, since I'm running out of bacon.
Six words:

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