Monday, February 8, 2016

ALCHEMY reviews, ConDFW and other news

The Alchemy of Chaos final front coverWell, now The Alchemy of Chaos is out in the world, and the early reviews have been pretty strong.
"The Alchemy of Chaos is another stirring story of magic and mayhem." - The Qwillery (There's also an interview with me at the same link.)
"This is a fun and exciting fantasy story that highlights the author’s imagination and dexterity at creating a compelling adventure story"  - Nightowl Reviews 
"It takes a fun addictive book that I just outright enjoy for me to read it that fast, and this is that type of book."  - The Speculative Herald    
"Fantasy adventure readers, especially fans of spell-wielding students, will enjoy these lively characters and their high-energy story." - Publisher's Weekly 
Also, I did an AMA over at Reddit/r/Fantasy, which inspired the folks at Suvudu to curate the answers they found most interesting.  I also was a featured Big Idea on Scalzi's Whatever.
All in all, The Alchemy of Chaos has had a nice launch week.
Next up?  This weekend I'll be at ConDFW.  Here's my Schedule:
Saturday, 10am: Don’t Quit Your Day Job!
Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), Seanan McGuire, Kathy Turski, Rachael Acks, Melia Newman, Sue Sinor

Saturday, 12pm: Creating your Fantasy Hero
Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), C. Dean Andersson, Tracy S. Morris, Martha Wells, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney

Saturday, 3pm: Marshall Ryan Maresca, Jeff Dawson

Saturday, 5pm: David Doub, Marshall Ryan Maresca

Sunday, 1pm: Turning Stories into Screenplays
Panelists: Julie Barrett (M), Marshall Ryan Maresca, David L. Gray, Mary Gearhart-Gray, Rachael Acks, Aaron de Orive

Sunday, 2pm: Little Balls of Joy: Robots in Space Opera
Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), John Scalzi, Stephen Patrick, Paul Abell, Amy Sisson
Also, if you're in the Houston area, I'll be at Murder By The Book on Saturday, March 5th at 1pm.
FINALLY-- Amid everything else, a new bit of excitement: you can now pre-order An Import of Intrigue on Amazon

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