Thursday, February 9, 2017

A little tease for the far future

Many things are happening right now, so I don't have a proper blog post for today.
Instead, here's a little tease from my secondary Work-in-Progress.  (In other words, not A Parliament of Bodies, or anything to do with Maradaine.  This is from the Space Opera WIP tentatively called Banshee)...

“Tell us who she is!  Tell us how to defeat her!”
Hagchlek made a noise that was oddly like laughter.  You won’t.  You still do not understand what you are dealing with.  She is a human from Mars.  Do you understand what that means?
Two of the shock troops came hustling around corner.  Kengle switched her rifle to sonic mode, and fired a boom down the hall.  They dropped clutching at their heads.
She’s coming,” Hagchlek’s interrogator said.  Hagchlek kept going.
Do you know what Mars is?  It was a desolate, icy rock in the humans’ home system, and humans came and said ‘We’ll make this into a place we can live’ and by fire they did.  They did that on dead moons and toxic planets throughout their system. And then humans piled into ships that crawled slower than light and lived and died in those boxes so their great-grandchildren might find a new home on another world, and when the worlds they found were also desolate rocks, they bent them to their will.  If you think some challenge is impossible, I tell you, you haven’t met humans.”
“What is this mad species?”
“They are what you have brought on your head.  We fought them for generations and no setback, no failure could deter them.  When they collectively decide to defeat a problem, they will not be stopped.”
“But she’s just one human!”
“And one is a plague upon you.  And know this: even if you kill Samantha Kengle, all you’ll succeed in is bringing all of humanity on your head.”

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