Sunday, September 20, 2020


 So we're only a few weeks from PEOPLE OF THE CITY coming into the world, which ends the first phase of the Maradaine Saga and brings together the heroes from all four Maradaine series.  I am SO EXCITED this is coming and you all get to read it.

How excited?  Excited enough that I've dove in deep with playing around on Photoshop to make character images for so many major characters in Maradaine.

But I've been thrilled with the early reactions to PEOPLE OF THE CITY.  Over at SF&F Reviews, they said:

This is a story which will take you into the world of Maradaine, and when you come out on he last page, leave you wanting more, wanting to know what happens next. So go now, and pick a copy up - it’s a genuine delight.

And my dear podcast cohost, Cass Morris, said:

Maresca has achieved something truly magnificent here. Tying together disparate threads of a multi-POV story is a challenge even in a single novel. To pull together the threads of four series, spanning twelve novels, is an absolutely masterful act.

So, yes, I'm quite happy, and very excited for you all to get your hands on it.  So, yes: Go Get Your Hands On It.

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