Thursday, January 6, 2011

January is the Doom of Writing

This is, historically, my least productive time of year.  And that's not because of some sort of reverse-resolution thing.  I actually want to come into each new year ready to tackle my writing to-do list (which always grows and grows in my mind).

However, nature conspires against me in January.  And I mean that most literally: cedar pollen hits central Texas fiercely, which hits me square in the head.  This week's pollen count is obscenely high, and despite aggressive treatment of psuedophedrine, ginger-garlic broth and hot cinnamon tea, I'm still at only partial capacity.

Still, I'm doing my best to work through it.  Queries have been sent out for two projects, and I'm back in the swing on my "current" rough draft project.  I don't have a specific "backburner" project going on right now, but I've stirring the various crockpots, and I think something might be ready to be moved up to the backburner.  We'll see.

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