Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting into the creative groove

Starting a new project, even one that's well outlined and planned out, is sort of like a first date.  Vanguard has been a constant thrumming in the back of my mind for a few years now, being the fourth of the four different "Heroes of Maradaine" series that I've conceived of. In fact, I think of the four, it was the first one that I outlined the basic plot for.  But the other three found their voice first, so I kept putting it to the side.  I had a few false starts, including my initial attempt which had the cliche "Character wakes up and goes about his day" beginning.  I won't inflict it on you, dear readers, since it is quite atrocious. 

But my problem with Vanguard was getting it started.  I even knew what, in essence, the opening sequence was about, but finding that entry point into it kept eluding me.  On some level, I was starting to dread the idea of it.  Finally, this week, in the middle of a class, this opening sentence came to me:

Dayne Heldrin followed his instructions to the letter: he had come to the Marquellen docks alone, no weapons or shield, and with three millions crowns worth of exchange notes.
I immediately jotted it down, as well as a few more sentences.  For the first time, out of all my attempts to start this project, it felt right.  Now the whole sequence is starting to coalesce.  We'll see how far I can take this groove.