Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy Week, Quick Post

Two points:

1. You still have about 36 hours to sign up for the ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop:

Writers' Workshop

Are you an unpublished, beginning to intermediate level writer?
Put your unpublished, original work of SF/F/Horror fiction in front of pros! Sign up for the ArmadilloCon 33 Writers' Workshop and receive invaluable feedback from two SF/F professionals (writers and editors), plus critiques from fellow attendees.
The $75 fee includes group sessions and panels or presentations throughout the day about the craft and profession of writing, plus lunch on Friday. You also get admission to all three days of the convention.


Lou Anders; Paolo Bacigalupi; Matthew Bey; Jayme Lynn Blaschke; Rosemary Clement-Moore; Amanda Downum; Mark Finn; Scott Johnson; Julie Kenner; Stina Leicht; Scott Lynch; Marshall Ryan Maresca; J.M. McDermott; Jaime Lee Moyer; Marshall Payne; Patrice Sarath; Katy Stauber; Lee Thomas; Thomas M. (Martin) Wagner.

About the Workshop

The ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop has become a major event for aspiring SF/F writers. On the Friday of the convention, you will have the opportunity to have your work critiqued by major pro editors and writers. Breakout sessions will cover craft, markets, the dos and don’ts of preparing your work for professional publication, and more. Discussions range from the basics of grammar and style to plot, theme, character, and setting.
You will get an in-depth critique of your work from the teachers in your group as well as from your peers. This roundtable style critique session is invaluable for learning what works, what doesn’t, and how to edit your work.
Check it out here.

2. I'm still open for Book Trailer reviews.  Send me yours, or send me ones you find interesting.  I'd especially love to see some that people consider to be winners.

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A. Lockwood said...

Less than two months! I'm excited! (Though I still have to figure out my plane tickets...)