Monday, June 9, 2014

Why You Should Go to ArmadilloCon Writers Workshop

All right, folks, this is the last time I'll talk about this (this year), but I think it's important:

If you're interested in writing sci-fi or fantasy, and you want to improve your craft, you should attend the ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop. I could give you all sorts of reasons why, like our fantastic teachers: Mario Acevedo, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Ted Chiang, Nicky Drayden, Mark Finn, Derek Johnson, Claude Lalumiere, Stina Leicht, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Ian McDonald, Joe McKinney, Alex C. Renwick, Kat Richardson, Dr. Anne-Marie Thomas, Martin Wagner, Jacob Weisman, Martha Wells and Skylar White.

I could tell you that the workshop is a steal at $70, and that includes access to the whole rest of the conference. Most conferences won't even let you in the door for $70, but here you get the conference and the workshop? A workshop where your work gets critiqued by writing professionals? How is that not a great deal?

I could tell you all sorts of things, but if you want to know why it's worth your while, here's the real reason, right here:

That's the book that I've got coming out next year. I took the first chapter of that to the workshop a few years ago, and due to the critique input I received, I was able to improve the chapter, improve the book and improve my craft as a writer. Did that pay off? Yeah, I think it did. Am I saying if you go you WILL sell your work? Of course not. But you'll get the tools you need to improve your chances.

And on top of that, I want to point out, I'm not shilling for this to line my pockets. I do this entirely as a volunteer, because I think it matters. The people who volunteered before me gave me the helping hand I needed, and I think the best thing I can do is reach out to the ones coming up behind.

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