Monday, November 24, 2014

On the Horizon

So, here we are, 10 weeks away from the release of The Thorn of Dentonhill.  And how are all the things going for the writer at this stage of the game?
Really well.  I'm thrilled.  And nervous, but mostly thrilled.
Thorn is, for all intents on my end of things, done.  Edits, copyedits, proofs, etc., DONE.  Except for anything I'll be doing for it on the promotion side, but in terms of making it a book?  DONE.
A Murder of Mages comes out on July 7th, 2015.  Here's its Goodreads page.  This one still has copy edits and proofs to do, plus I've got to finalize one of the street maps.  I've seen a preliminary cover and it's pretty cool, so I can't wait to see the final cover.
Elements of Aventil is the sequel to Thorn.  I've submitted a polished draft to the editor, so hopefully news on that will come in the near future.  The Little East is the sequel to A Murder of Mages, and I'm hammering my way through that as my current "main project".
What else is on my plate?  Currently, I'm also doing a read-through-and-final-polish of Way of the Shield to send it back to the agent.  That one was challenging to write, but I'm actually quite pleased by how much I like it when I'm reading through it now.
After that, I'll get back on the horse of finishing the rough draft of Banshee, my Space Opera Epic.  I had done quite a bit on it, but put it to the side once the Thorn/Murder deal came though.  Hopefully I'll have a finished version of that to my agent within a few months as well.
There are a handful of other things cooking in the back burners, but none of them are quite ready to talk about yet.
But, if all goes to plan, soon Thorn and Mages will be rousing successes, and from there you'll see many, many books set in Maradaine.
All right, off to the word mines.  See you down there.

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