Monday, January 5, 2015


All right, now where in the home stretch.  The Thorn of Dentonhill comes out in just 29 days.  In other words, when the moon is next in the same phase it is right now, Thorn will be out. 
Of course, this has me excited, as well as busy.  I've got some guest blogs and interviews lined up, and I'll be keeping up with those, as well as updating what's going on over here.  There will be some sort of book release event in Austin, but the details aren't finalized yet.  I'll definitely be posting that here when I know everything. 
Also in February, I'll be at Boskone and Connooga
ARC copies of Thorn have, of course, already been spotted in the wild, including those that were given away through Goodreads and Destination Elsewhere. Thanks to those, there are already a few reviews up on Goodreads, and so far* those have been universally positive.
So, plenty to do, in addition to continuing to write up a storm, so I can keep up with the pace I've set for myself.  After all, A Murder of Mages is only six months away.
See you in the word mines.
*- He says, knocking furious on wood.

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