Monday, February 23, 2015

Connooga, Library Review, and Moving Forward

So, this weekend I'll be appearing at Connooga, and hopefully weather conditions won't trap me there for an extra day or two.  (I really don't consider that very likely.)  If you're in that area, come and say hi.
Here's my schedule:
6:00 PM       How Stories Work   
3:00 PM    World Building  
4:00 PM    Readings  
8:00 PM    Plot or Die! Gameshow Panel with Authors   
11:00 AM    Workshop: Story Structure
Also this past weekend, I learned that The Library Review named The Thorn of Dentonhill the genre debut of the month.  That's pretty damn thrilling.  Thorn's cover is also part of The Qwillery's February Debut Cover Wars.  You can still vote for another day!
Past that, it's high time to move forward*, planning future projects, locking things down for the Armadillocon Writers' Workshop, and, of course, taxes.  Ugh, taxes.  I may be nose-deep in spreadsheets and receipts for a while. 
In the meantime, I'll see you down in the word mines.

*- That doesn't just mean only talking about A Murder of Mages instead of Thorn.

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