Monday, February 9, 2015

It's a Brand New Day, Just Like Yesterday

Thorn of Dentonhill is now out.  It's really out there in stores, I've seen it.  It's really, truly, utterly official.  It's getting noticed with the likes of Elizabeth Bear and Neil Gaiman.  I'm hearing plenty of excitement, and not just from family and old friends.
In other words, things are quite excellent.
But things are also still the same.  No magical transformation occurred to make me "published author".  No parade, no ceremony. George R. R. Martin didn't stop by the house to teach me the secret handshake.  I still have to drive my son to school in the morning, wash the dishes, fold the laundry.
In other words, the authorial glamour doesn't kick in immediately.
But that's just fine by me.  The writing career grows: more interviews and guest blogs are coming, and hopefully more reviews as well.
And, hey, if you've already read Thorn and you enjoyed it, by all means, write something kind at Goodreads and/or Amazon.  Or on your blog.  Or even just drop me a line.
In the meantime, I'm moving onward and upward.  A Murder of Mages is out in five months, after all.

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