Monday, April 20, 2015

ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop 2015

In the midst of all the other things I've got going on, the ArmadilloCon Writers Workshop is quickly coming upon us.  After three years in the co-pilot seat, I'm taking charge!  And now that I'm in charge, I'm going to... pretty much run it the same way.  Because it's a well-designed Writers' Workshop why mess with something that works?
Here's why I love this workshop: it's one that just about anyone who wants to improve their writing can do without too much hardship.  I mean, Odyssey and Clarion are great, but you've got to be able to spare six weeks and a few thousand dollars to be able to go to them.  I know I wouldn't have been able to do that.
ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop is a one-day workshop, and for the $79.50 fee you also get a full membership to the con that weekend and lunch included.  Which is a pretty good deal, considering you'll also get your manuscript (short story or novel sample, up to 5000 words) critiqued by writing professionals.  
And who are this years writing professionals?  Here are some of the ones who'll be there this year: Ken Liu, author of what's quickly becoming the most talked about book this year, The Grace of Kings; L. Timmel Duchamp, editor of Aqueduct Press; Stina Leicht, author of Of Blood And HoneyBlue Skies from Pain and this year's Cold Iron; James Morrow, author of Galapagos Regained and many more novels; also Skyler White, Steven Brust, Kathy Catmull, Rebecca Schwartz, Martin Wagner, Derek Johnson and myself, of course.
That's a lot of value for $79.50, frankly.
So, registration for the workshop is here.   Deadline for registration and submission is JUNE 15th.  The workshop is on JULY 24th, and all of ArmadilloCon runs July 24th-26th.

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