Thursday, July 2, 2015

Optimistic Reasons To Write

Last weekend I got to hang out with Stina Leicht at the Writers' League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference.  The WLT organized these "genre meet-ups" for writing hopefuls, so they could talk to published writers in specific genre.  So Stina and I were there to represent Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
We had a packed room, and it really help highlight how vital and vibrant our genre is.  I was thrilled to help do my part to inspire these people in their journey.
So: five reasons why YOU SHOULD BE WRITING.
1. Because you have an awesome idea that is ALL YOURS and you just need to get it down.
2. Because you really don't like going out at night anyway. Now you have a good excuse to stay in.
3. Because you've told yourself that you'd "like to write a book someday".  Well, SOMEDAY IS TODAY.
4. Because no matter what they tell you about the odds, and how hard it is to navigate the system and get and agent, and then get a publisher to pick you up, or take one of those atypical routes to success-- it's still possible.  You can point to the fences and swing as hard as you can.
AMurderofMages5. Because when you do it, after all the work and sacrifice and re-writes, you get to walk into a bookstore and see your work on the shelf in there... there's nothing quite like that.
And that's something I'll be doing in FIVE DAYS, when A MURDER OF MAGES comes out.  I'm really thrilled, and I hope you all enjoy it.

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