Thursday, October 1, 2015

Post NYCC Author Kaffeeklatch at Penguin Random House Offices, Monday October 12th

So, if you're in New York City and you're going to NYCC, or if you're thre and you're NOT going to NYCC, there's a great event with great authors that is free and open to the public on Monday, October 12th, with a whole mess of great authors who will be signing and giving away books.  Check out this list:
Bradley P. Beaulieu, Terry Brooks, Myke Cole, Alis Franklin, Melissa Grey, Susan Griffith, C.A. Higgins, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Sylvain Neuvel, Naomi Novik, Daniel Jose Older, Bill Schweigart, Alan Smale, Shawn Speakman, Erin Tettensor, Judd Winick
Admit it: even if you think I'm nowhere near cool enough to come out for, there's some damn cool writers out there you'll want to see.   And you get to actually see the offices of Penguin Random House.  Isn't that cool?  If I weren't already going, I'd go.
Full Details are here:

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