Monday, September 28, 2015

Obligatory Post-Con Post

So, this past weekend was FenCon, which I enjoyed greatly.  I had a number of lovely panels, including one on worldbuilding where I got to talk about how obsessive I get in the process.  Which, if you've been reading this blog for a bit, you know is immensely obsessive.  I did not bring handouts, though.  I thought about it, but I didn't have time to put them together.
I got to hang with some of the other Texas-circuit regulars, including Mark Finn, Tex Thompson, Patrice Sarath, Mark Carroll (who just made his first pro sale-- good on you, sir), Dantzel Cherry, J. Kathleen Cheney, Rhonda Eudaly, Aaron de Orive, Michelle Muenzler, and several more who I am blanking on right now.  Books were signed, books were bought by people who hadn't heard of me before this weekend, so all is well.
Of course, ConWeekend tends to mean Low Productivity Weekend, so I've got to crank it up this week to make up the difference.
Also, I came home to discover this lovely write-up for Thorn of Dentonhill over at Powder and Page.  Plus, and this was a real shock, a review of Jump The Black, my short story in Rayguns Over Texas.
So I feel pretty good, but I still need to get to work.  So off I go.

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