Monday, September 14, 2015

Worldbuilding Round-Up

As a result of both my current "crockpot" project being fully in its worldbuilding stage, I've been putting together some of my bottom-up worldbuilding thoughts into a more cohesive form.  While worldbuilding is equal parts art and craft, it does require a fair amount of research and competence in a number of different fields of expertise.
But in the meantime, here are some posts and other resources for the basics of bottom-up worldbuilding:
This is something I happen to have on hand, because it's that important.Groundwork: Geography, biomes and ecology.
My original post on biomes:
World Wildlife Fund's biome page, including info on freshwater & seawater biomes:
My original post of domesticatible plants and animals:
My post on creating new fauna, especially domesticatible ones:

Building from the Dawn of Civilization
My post on transitioning from Neolithic to Agricultural and early civilizaitons:
The Food Timeline:
Points of Origin for Herbs and Spices:
My post on cultures finding every use for a resource:

Creating Civilizations
My post on constructed language basics:
Phonology Generator:
Text Generator (for making words once you have a phonology generated):
My post on Technology Basics, told through Drinks and Weapons:
My post on Levels of Industry in Worldbuilding:
Cultural Rituals of Coming of Age:
Marriage and Other Rituals of Love And Joining:
Rituals for the Dead:
Arts and Culture:
Traditions of Justice and Law:
A brief Worldbuilder's Bibliography:
An older Worldbuiling Roundup:

Hope you can find this useful.  I hope to put this stuff together into a single document in the near future.  Possibly so I can have handouts at panels.  Handouts would make me look extra prepared, no?

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John Zeleznik said...

I have to read all of these posts. The WWF page (it still feels weird typing that) used to have this massive clickable map that used to carve it up into even smaller distinctions in the biomes. Someone else has one but it's not quite as good as the WWF one was.