Monday, March 7, 2016

Back To The Word Mines

I had a fantastically busy weekend-and-change.  On Thursday night, I did a reading and Q&A at Malvern Books here in Austin.  Then on Friday morning I went to go talk to a middle school English class.  This was at a n honors magnate program, but even with that, I was very impressed with these kids.  They were asking questions about writing process, acquiring agents, publishing houses.  Really smart, on point questions.
Then on Saturday I went down to Houston to read and Q&A at Murder By The Book.  When we got back to Austin we went to the theatre and then ended up hanging out with the cast afterward.
Which made this weekend kind of like a con weekend, and therefore I didn't get quite the amount of work done that I wanted to.
I am still cruising along with The Imposters of Aventil, of course.  Not at the speed I wanted, but still well within the bounds of making my deadlines.
So I'm off to the word mines, grind out some more to get back on track.  See you down there.

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