Monday, March 28, 2016

What can you do for a writer for his birthday?

This Thursday is my birthday.  This past year has been pretty wild: two books released, signed deals for six.  I turned in An Import of Intrigue and The Holver Alley Crew, which will both be coming out before my next birthday, and in a few weeks I'll be turning in the draft manuscript for The Imposters of Aventil.  Since that book won't be released until late 2017, I'm feeling solid about where I am, schedule-wise. But I've got to stick to it.
So, you're asking yourself, "What can I do, Marshall, for your birthday?"  Frankly, you can wish me well, good health, and so forth, and that will be just fine.  Honestly.  
BUT, if you want to do more, here are some small gestures that would mean a lot to me:
  • Write reviews of The Thorn of DentonhillA Murder of Mages or The Alchemy of Chaos at Amazon or Goodreads.  
  • Pick up any of those books if you haven't bought them already.
  • Give any one of those books as gifts to a friend who might like them.
  • Pre-order An Import of Intrigue.  This one is huge.
But really, well wishes and good thoughts are all I need.  Because, frankly, I've had a blessed year, and I'm very fortunate.
In the meantime, I need to dig back into the word mines.  Like I said, I've got a manuscript draft to finish.  That's not going to happen by itself. See you down there.

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