Thursday, July 28, 2016

ArmadilloCon this Weekend and VOTE FOR SHEILA GILBERT

Folks, tomorrow I'm running the Writers' Workshop at ArmadilloCon, plus I've got the rest of the con to prepare for, and six billion other things to do.  So all you're getting from me today is a reminder of my schedule and an impassioned plea, for those of your who are Hugo voters,  that Sheila Gilbert should get your vote for Best Long Form Editor.
I've spoken about it twice before: here and here.  I'm, of course, incredibly biased on this subject, but I truly believe she is a fantastic editor who is incredibly deserving of this honor.  I know in her packet she did her best to show this to you, giving samples of the wide diversity of the books she worked on in 2015.  I'm thrilled and privileged to have a sample of The Thorn of Dentonhill included in that packet.  I think she's worked tireless to not only make better books, but to put a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy books on the market and keep them there, to give writers like me a chance to tell our entire story. As much as she gives valuable insight and wisdom, she still makes sure that it is our story that we get to tell.  Readers have gotten to know Veranix thanks to her, as well as Inspectors Rainey and Welling, and soon you'll get to meet Asti & Verci Rynax.  I'm so grateful that she has been the advocate and champion for my work, and making my work the best it can be.
As always, if you have specific questions about Sheila and her role as my editor, I'm happy to answer them.

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