Monday, April 3, 2017

Kaboom Time

So, I think I gave my creative-brain a good reboot, because now it's in Kaboom Mode.
What's Kaboom Mode?  It's when my head is just EXPLODING because it wants to write ALL THE THINGS.  Which is great, but not without it's own special challenges.  For example, Brain wants to write ALL THE THINGS and it wants to write them RIGHT NOW.  Which manifests as a kind of ADD where I'm switching between projects (currently have three open on Scrivener) and not properly focusing on any of them because I want to Write All The Things and Draw All The Maps and why isn't this book already written and why don't I have a cover for it should I make a cover for it and ALSO WRITE THIS THING
And... breathe.
I feel really good and energized, but I'm also aware that this is something of a manic swing, and I need to temper and focus it on the things I need to get done in the near future.  Which are, in essence, those three Scrivener projects I have open.
Here's a hint: one of them is A Parliament of Bodies.  The other two are not.
But, regardless: KABOOM.  Back to it.

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