Monday, December 11, 2017

Wrap Up for 2017

So, the year has nearly come to an end.  And what's been accomplished?
Well, the big thing for me, of course, was having two more novels come out.  For the record, both Holver Alley Crew and The Imposters of Aventil are eligible for any Best Novel of 2017 awards, including and not limited to the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, etc.  Both meet the criteria for "novel" in terms of word count (both being more or less 100K), and if you honestly believe either one deserves award recognition, I welcome your endorsement. 

What else is has been going on?  Well, plenty.  In addition to getting Lady Henterman's Wardrobe ready to go into your eyeballs, I drafted A Parliament of Bodies and a few other Secret Things that I will be talking about very soon.

I know this year has been especially hard for a lot of people, and it certainly hasn't been easy for me.  The best thing is that I've had the ability and freedom to immerse myself in my work and make More Stories for all of you.  And that'll be continuing, though I can always use your help. 

How can you help?  Well, if you've been reading Maradaine novels and you enjoy them, talk about it.  Write reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.  Tell your friends about them.  Give The Thorn of DentonhillA Murder of Mages or Holver Alley Crew as Christmas gifts.  Share and enjoy. 

I'm looking forward to plenty of more things in 2018.  Until then, I'll be down in the word mines.  See you down there.

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