Monday, January 29, 2018


So, last year I launched the third Maradaine series, The Streets of Maradaineto a fair amount of praise and acclaim:

"The charming antiheroes will leave you rooting for them long after the dust settles." -RT Book Reviews
"A strong start right out of the gate, this series opener is a well-written and brilliantly executed example of the fantasy heist genre, and of all the novels written by Marshall Ryan Maresca so far, this might be my favorite one yet!" -Bibliosanctum"The final verdict: You’ve GOT to read this book!" -Powder and Page
"The whole narrative is tightly plotted, and each page makes you want to turn to the next – it’s got fires, knife fights, brawls, daring escapes, explosions, and a lot of heart – and as such, I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures the Holver Alley Crew go onto from here." -SF&F Reviews

That's a lot to live up to, and hopefully Lady Henterman's Wardrobe does the job.  I can tell you, way back when I first wrote Holver AlleyI was talking it over with one of my beta-readers, and the comparison to Firefly came up, which makes sense.  Both are about rag-tag teams of hero-theives who form a psuedo-family, and Asti and Verci manage to be like Mal and Zoe AND River and Simon to each other at the same time.

So, I told her, "Well, along those lines, the next book with them would be sort of a mash-up of [EPISODE], [EPISODE] and [EPISODE]."  (I'll keep which episodes to myself, because: spoilers.)  Her response: "I will not be satisfied until that book is published."

Well, only five weeks to go.

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