Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hugo Eligibility

You know, if you had told me thirty years ago that in 2020 I would be able to write up a list of multiple things of mine that were Hugo eligible, it would have blown my mind. Probably even more mind-blowing would have been the idea that what gets nominated will be a bunch of people I'm friends and acquaintance with.   That remains wild to me, even to this day.
But, hey, if you are nominating, let me steer you to some of my things that are, in fact eligible.

BEST NOVEL: Both  A Parliament of Bodies and Shield of the People were novels that came out in 2019, so they are both eligible for Best Novel.  Though, if we're being honest, I'm very much not expecting that.  Both books, very well received, but there's been no such buzz on them.  But if you think they deserve to be nominated, I would be deeply honored.

BEST SERIES: From my understanding, by the wording of the award rules and how the various sub-series interact, that all of the Maradaine Saga is eligible as a whole, and that would be the best way to nominate the series, if that was your interest.  Again, I would be deeply honored if you think the interweaving of four series into one setting has been an endeavor worthy of your vote.   Maybe you want to wait until People of the City comes out to see if I stick the landing there?  If so, I respect that.  I would love to be honored here, but I understand I need to earn it.

BEST RELATED WORK: I did put up the ArmadilloCon 41 Toastmaster Speech for everyone to read after Martha Wells asked me to, and it is a speech I'm very proud of.  I was asked to say a bunch of kind things about the community of SFF and the people in it-- especially and specifically the guests of honor like Martha-- and I spoke from my heart, and if that reached you, I'm glad.

BEST FANCAST: Ok, friends, this is probably the big hat shake on my part.  Last year I launched Worldbuilding for Masochists with Alexandra Rowland and Rowenna Miller and it has been a delight to do, and I think we've done really good work making a podcast that is fun to listen to and gives a lot of insight into the worldbuilding process.  I really think this is work that is worthy of your nomination.  Please, if you've not yet checked it out, head on over and give it serious consideration. 
Also, if we get nominated, Alex and Rowenna have carte blanche on my Hugo Ceremony outfit.  Tell me you don't want to see that.

That's all I've got!  If you can nominate, go forth and nominate with your whole heart.  And, if you can't, consider the value of getting a supporting membership for 2021 so you can nominate next year. 

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