Sunday, September 13, 2009

In July I wrote "Poolside", a play that actually takes place in a pool. This probably limits its ability to be produced in most venues. It was written explicitly for the venue it played in, as part of a recurring project by The Vestige Group, called Memories of a House.

On the whole, it was a production I was pleased with, and the Vestige Group are a good bunch that I'd like to work with more directly in the future. The production got a few good write-ups. Recently there's been a lot more internet-based reviews of Austin Theatre, a development which pleases me a lot. Back in the late 90s, when I started doing theatre here, the Chronicle and the Statesman were the only games, really.

Anyway, some highlights:

Those three reviews, for me, stood out because they not only praised me, but got my name right.


Anonymous said...

I wrote "Poolside," a play that actually takes place in a pool

Sort of an inappropriate name, then.

Out of curiosity, what about it would prevent it from being staged in a venue other than a pool? Much of Driving Miss Daisy is set in a car, after all.

Marshall Ryan Maresca said...

Well, the woman in question is actually swimming. It's one level of suspension of disbelief to have people sit in a prop car and say they are driving. It's another to have someone not-swim in a non-existent pool.