Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Official launching of 3No6Mo

Today is the last day of September. The due date for 3No6Mo is March 31st. So I'm considering today the official "launch date" of 3No6Mo. For the record, the three novels being written are USS Banshee (BAN01), Maradaine Constabulary (MCI01) and Vanguard (VAN01).

I'm a big believer in the process of having a Primary Writing Project and a Secondary Project at any given time, usually having the Secondary Project being something else entirely. That way when Writers' Block strikes, you can switch gears for a while and get out of the stuck headspace. Here, I think the three project will all serve as secondaries for each other. However, I should start with one of them designated the Primary.

Primary will be USS Banshee. The main reasoning behind that is I've been writing in the city of Maradaine for two books now (and in the larger world for a third with Crown of Druthal), so I could stand to get out of fantasy and into space opera for a while.

I will be providing word counts, but these are largely to chart daily progress, and not about end-goals. I'm not going to presume I know how long these are going to be before they are written. Also, word counts only apply to actual text, not outlines, character pages and other prep work.

Word Count:
BAN01: 1085
MCI01: 280
VAN01: 150