Thursday, October 22, 2009

Form Follows Function

One of the side projects I've had was scripting out a graphic novel. I have the whole thing outlined, plotted page-per-page... but writing the actual script was seizing me up. I couldn't quite figure it out.

Until last night, I hit a breakthrough.

See, I was trying to write in a format fitting a graphic novel. Namely, breaking the page down into panels, describing the action of each panel, and dialogue within said panel. In other words, trying to plan out how the whole page would look from the get go.

Wasn't coming together.

Then I said, "Why not just write it like a play script, just to get the dialogue and action onto paper... and worry about how to structure the page when you get to that stage of things?

And literally, the flood gates are opened.

So that project may be coming off the backburner.

It's funny, sometimes, how you don't quite decide what it is you're going to work on.

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