Thursday, January 16, 2014

And now... breathe

So, that happened.  There's pretty much nothing I can post today that wouldn't be a come-down after that enormous news. 

That's all right, because that news is big enough for a few days.

But the question is, now what? Right now, I'm kind of in the eye of the storm.  Things are about to gear up, but they haven't yet.  Things on the horizon: final edits, cover art, galley proofs, release, etc., etc.  I'm really looking forward to the whole process, and I'll make an effort to be transparent enough so that people who are coming up the road behind me can learn a thing or two from my process.

So, for the time being, I just get my bearings. 

And read over my outlined plans for sequels for Thorn and Murder of Mages.  Because now I've got a very good reason to start working on those.

All right, if I'm being honest, I've already started work on Thorn II.

Because let's face it... this process of waiting, wondering when this was going to happen, even if it was going to happen... that's been a huge weight on my shoulders.  Now I can put that burden down.  But it's not time to rest.  It's time to run.  It's time to fly.


Anonymous said...

But it's not time to rest. It's time to run

So true! You've got edits that will pop up at random times and rewrites and tons of breathe now because in a few months you won't have time!

Marshall Ryan Maresca said...

Thanks! Glad to be forewarned now about that...

mike said...

My own sneaking suspicion is that you'll not spend as long on the edits as you fear. You tend to be focused enough that whatever Madame Editor sends will be thought about for an hour or so, attacked polished and sent back before she finished the thing she thought she had time for while waiting on you.