Monday, April 28, 2014

Seanan McGuire and other heroes in the writing world

So, I've been doing deeper research into DAW over the past few months, for obvious reasons, and learning more about the other people who write for DAW.  It's a pretty good crowd to be associated with, I can tell you that.  Good people, good books.  I really couldn't hope for better. 

And as part of that, I checked out Seanan McGuire.  Let me tell you something about Seanan: she is a machine.   Since her first book with DAW in 2009, she has knocked out a novel every six months with them like clockwork.  That's 10 novels in five years, in addition to short stories & novellas galore, AND four novels as Mira Grant.

That's incredible

Seriously, that's something to aspire to. 

I mean, I don't think I'll-- at least at this point-- be able to match in terms of shorter works and works as Mira Grant... but two a year.  That's a goal I think I can hold up to.  Right now, I have two scheduled for 2015 (Thorn of Dentonhill and Murder of Mages), and I'm nearly done-- about 70%-- with the rough draft of Thorn II, and will get on Murder II right after that.  Plus I've got Holver Alley Crew and Way of the Shield in the wings. 

And that's the point, at least for me: work as a full writing professional.  That's a plan that involves volume.  Of course, as a planner, I have an outline plan for a full series for Thorn, Murder, Holver Alley and Way of the Shield.  And so far, it's working out. 

But to go back to my point: Seanan is my hero.  She clearly is going full throttle and that's exactly the sort of career I hope to emulate. 

Plus, it's always good to set another bar once you cross one.

All right, back to the word mines.

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