Thursday, July 24, 2014

Perils of the Writer: The Long Upward Struggle

Tomorrow morning is the Workshop, and my whole weekend is ArmadilloCon (my schedule) so I don't have too much time to write here today.  

But I wanted to talk a bit about how getting to where I am has been a hard struggle.  It's always been hard work, and plenty of times I really questioned myself whether it was worth it. Not to mention the world is full of discouragement.  The odds of getting an agent's attention are astronomical.  Publishers aren't interested in new writers. 

It's very hard to even get to here.  But like Jimmy Dugan says, the hard is what makes it great.

But that means you've got to fight through the hard.  You've got to get up each time you're knocked down. You've got to take every scrap of encouragement and forage it together-- even some spare words of, "You've got a lot of real talent" and make that the only meal you're going to get all year. 

It. Is. Hard.

But it's very possible.

Keep fighting.  See you in the word mines.

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Robert L. Slater said...

"fight through the hard." Yeah. That's it. Fight through the rejections, the interjections, and intersections that life and writing will give you!

Have a great time at Armadillocon.