Monday, May 25, 2015

Knee Deep in ComicPalooza

Still well into ComicPalooza, in which I'm having a lovely time, but saints, is this thing huge.  It is kind of a trade off for a writer to come to something like this.  I mean, when you go to a lit-focused con, you have a smaller crowd, but it's a crowd who are definitely very interested in reading books.  Here, you've got a huge crowd, but they have such a wide variety of interest, so many aren't necessarily keyed in to reading fantasy books.

Still, it's been interesting.  Got to see some old friends, meet some new writerly people.  Here I am with Carrie PatelD.L. Young and Bonnie Jo Shufflebeam.
Cons are a double edged sword, though, because whenever I go, productivity drops through the floor.  I'm a bit behind where I want to be with Alchemy of Chaos and An Import of Intrigue.  Not in bad shape, but I've not been as productive as I wanted to be these past few days.11227048_10152919027203301_1796564763447687424_n
On the other hand, Thorn of Dentonhill continues to do well.  Musician and actress Patricia Vonne (Sin City fans might recognize her as Zorro Girl) took it with her on tour in Europe, so Thorn got to visit German castles.  So, go buy some of Patricia's albums.  She's awesome.
I have two more panels today before I can go home and fall down.  Wish me luckk.

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