Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Infrequently Asked Questions

I figured it's time to answer a few of the questions that I haven't been getting.
How do you pronounce Veranix's name?
"Veranix" has the same vowel sounds and syllabic stresses as "therapist".  Don't read too much into that.
What about Minox and Satrine?
"Minox" is with a long "i" and short "o".  Mine-Ox.  Like an ox who works in mines.  Satrine's "a" is a short "uh", and the "i" is a long "ee".  Like Katrina with an S and no "a" at the end.
I dug deep into Googling you, and found some Quantum Leap fanfic. 
Is there a question here?
It's pretty horrible.
Still no question.
So you don't deny it?
We all do foolish, regrettable things in college.  This was the early nineties.  We didn't know the internet was going to catalog everything back then.
Semi-spoiler for THORN-- You know that [Astronomical Event] is physically impossible, right?
I do!  And that is a point that gets directly addressed in Alchemy of Chaos.
What hints can you give us about Alchemy?
We're going to be getting deeper into street politics of the Aventil gangs.  
If I were to buy you a drink at a con to pick your brain for publishing advice, what should I buy you?
Whiskey sour, or if you're really feeling like getting the goods, 18-year-old Glenlivet on the rocks.  
And what cons will you be at?
I've just updated my Appearances page!


Unknown said...

Ooo... I can give a hint about Alchemy. It's going to be FREAKING AWESOME, and I'm glad I got to be a beta reader. :)

Marshall Ryan Maresca said...

She said it, not me, folks. You can trust this ringing endorsement.