Monday, June 22, 2015

Someone Has A Case Of the Mondays

So, it's been a busy time, and I've got a lot on my shoulders, what with finishing The Alchemy of Chaos in time for the deadline.  You all want it to be on time, right?  Of course you do.
But I just got back from ApolloCon, which was a lovely time.  I had some good panels, got to see various writer friends that I only see at cons, got to meet fellow DAW author Jim Hines, read from A Murder of Mages, signed some copies of Thorn of Dentonhill, and came home ready to fall down.
Falling down isn't a luxury I really have, though.  See above, re: deadline for Alchemy.
Something has to give, though, so it's going to be today's blog.  But I have links!
  • really fantastic review of A Murder of Mages from Bibliosanctum.  "Marshall Ryan Maresca has a true knack for creating rich settings as well as characters that feel very real and well-rounded. There’s always something special to the people he writes about, whether they are mage students or constable inspectors. A Murder of Mages was another hit for me, a fantastic read from a new talent whose star continues to be on the rise."  Plus there's a giveaway for a copy of Murder that you can enter.
  • I was on a Worldbuilding Panel at ComicPalooza, and someone made it into a podcast.  Listen to it here.
  • A pleasant surprise: My niece's high school made a list of suggested summer reading, and Thorn of Dentonhill is on the list.   More surprising: neither my niece nor my sister had anything to do with it.  Which leads me to believe it might have made other such lists.  And being on a list of, "Things you should read" next to George R. R. Martin thrills me to no end.
That's all.  Off to the word mines.

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