Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goals for 2016

So, now that we're firmly in the new year, it's time to set some professional goals.  What will I accomplish?

Slight problem: I have some rather specific goals that I can't properly talk about yet.  So I'm going to have to be vague.  Sorry about that.  When I can be not-vague, I will scream to the hilltops.  But for today: vague.


First, there will be the things I have coming out in 2016.  The Alchemy of Chaos, of course, comes out in a few weeks, and the second Maradaine Constabulary book, An Import of Intrigue, comes out in November.  So that right there are two big things.


Here's where I need to be vague.  Over the next twelve months I will need to:

  • Polish "Manuscript X" and turn it in.
  • Finish draft of "Manuscript Y", edit it, and turn it in as well.
  • Finish draft of "Manuscript X2".
  • Polish outline of "Manuscript Z" and get started on it.

I may need to be reminded to breathe and such as well...

ALSO IN 2016

I'm attending ConDFW in February, and running the Writers' Workshop for ArmadilloCon in July.  I do not, as of this writing, have any other con appearances scheduled, but I intend to get a few more on my agenda.  I would like to include WorldCon in Kansas City among them, but I can't commit to that just yet.  Honestly, at this point, I really don't know.

But, let's be real: that writing schedule, combined with the release of two books, is pretty breakneck.  I need to remember to to keep things like copyedits and proofs in the schedule.  My point is: it's probably best if I don't spend too many weekends going anywhere.

So that's what I have.  In December, we'll check back over here and see how I did.  

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