Monday, January 23, 2017

ConFusion Post-Mortem

So, this weekend was ConFusion, to which I say: Excellent.  Will do again.  
There was a lot happening, and to boil it down: I got to meet and talk to a lot of cool people, and I hope I wasn't too boring to anyone.  I signed a few books and did some panels and think I came off as something resembling witty and intelligent.  
All of my panels went very well, I thought.  I got to talk about steampunk with Gail Carriger, so: win.  And on the panel on publishing-nuts-and-bolts-and-horror-stories panel, I got to confess to Jim Hines how, when The Thorn of Dentonhill first was going to come out, months before it was published, I could see on Goodreads he was listed as "currently reading" and then "read", with no rating or commentary, and it made me a neurotic mess until I had actually met him and found out he enjoyed it.
But all in all: wonderful convention.  Would definitely do again.  

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