Monday, January 30, 2017

Hitting the Wall Until It Breaks

I am not going to talk about politics.
Not because I think artists & writers shouldn't-- because they totally should if they are inclined.  And not because I don't have strong opinions of my own-- because right now, oh mercy me do I ever.
I don't talk about politics for much the same reason an alcoholic doesn't take "just one drink".*  If I go down that road, then that is what I'm doing, and I'm not writing.  As strongly as I feel, I'm comforted by seeing all the like-minded voices out there who are fighting the fight so much better than I would.  They're doing the frontline fighting, and right now, my best use is being the USO.  You want something comforting to read, where good guys punch bad guys in the face, and that solves most of the problems? I've got you.  Get out there, fight the good fight, and come to me when you need a recharge.
Instead I'll talk about what writing a novel is like, as I've A. just finished the draft of one and B. got right into starting the draft of another.  Because like any long-term project-- any good fight-- a big part of it is endurance. It's not about doing this huge thing all at once.  It's about getting up each morning and punching that wall made of diamond over and over again until you break through it.
Keep getting up every morning and keep hitting that wall.  I'll be here when you need a break.
*-And right now things feel like a wedding with an open bar.

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