Thursday, August 24, 2017

Worldbuilding with Amanda Downum

Hey all-- right now I'm pretty busy, but next month I'm teaching a worldbuilding class with Amanda Downum, through the Writers' League of Texas.  It should be a fun and informative class.
Need help introducing the world of your speculative fiction novel or stories without dumping an encyclopedia of background information on your readers?

Want to learn to integrate your worldbuilding into drama and character?
Strong worldbuilding is the foundation for fantastic fiction, from Middle-Earth of The Lord of the Rings to Hogwarts of Harry Potter. But when and where do you add details, and how much is too much? This class will focus on tools to build rich, believable worlds and techniques to integrate that work into your fiction, whether you’re starting a project from scratch or want to add nuance to an existing story. 
In this class, learn techniques to build a rich, immersive world, without infodumping or overwhelming readers. Particular focus will be given to worldbuilding without dry infodumps and on incorporating worldbuilding into characterization and description.
If you live in the Austin area, come check it out.  More details here.

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