Monday, September 18, 2017

FenCon Schedule and other Musings

So, this past weekend I taught the worldbuilding class with Amanda Downum, and I felt it went rather swimmingly. And the students seemed pleased with it as well, so all went well.  It's the sort of thing I enjoy doing, and I hope to get more opportunities in the future.

But this weekend I'll be at FenCon, and you're there (or thinking of coming), then come say hello. I've got a schedule for my appearances:

Steampunk, Has it Run Out of Steam as a Literary Genre 
Friday  3:00 PM  Chinaberry   
Are you still reading steampunk?  Is there still an audience of readers? Many steampunk folks enjoy the costumes and cons and parties but are they reading steampunk?

My Name Is Inigo Montoya… 
Saturday  10:00 AM  Trinity VI   
Guilt and vengeance have always been a motivation in fiction - from Shakespeare all the way to Harry Potter. Tragic death may start a hero's journey, but what is the basis for this? Is it merely a tried-and-true trope of the writer's toolbox, or can it actually lead to enlightenment for the character instead of more death and tragedy? 

Saturday  12:30 PM  Dealer's Room   

One, Two, Three, Four Can I have a Little More? 
Saturday  2:00 PM  Trinity VII   
Your favorite series ended at 3 books and you want more. Your favorite movie stopped at 4 but you need more. Authors have obliged and now your series is up to 18 books. Your movie has now had 3 remakes with 3 movies each. How many books should a series go before it jumps the shark? How long should you wait for the next one? 

20 Years of Harry Potter 
Sunday  10:00 AM  Red Oak   
Harry Potter is 20, well the books are. How timeless are the books? Are you reading them to your children/grandchildren?  Where is the Harry Potter Franchise headed? Are you looking forward to Prequel movies and more books around the cauldron! 

Reading with Marshall Maresca 
Sunday  12:00 PM  Pecan   
What do you think I should read from?  Preview for Imposters?  Special sneak from Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe? Or do I just play Freebird?

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