Monday, January 9, 2012

January is not the Month of Doom, for once

Last year at this time, I was sinus-deep in misery, thanks to Austin Cedar allergies.  It was pretty awful, much like it was in 2010 and 2009.  It actually had been bad for me in Januaries before 2009, but that was when I realized what was causing the problem.  Anyway, in the two years since, I mostly did my best to manage allergy season once it hit.  This year, I was actually proactive, taking daily doses of antihistamines, starting a few months out.  This has made a huge difference.  Cedar levels are ridiculously high, yet despite that, I'm as mentally functional as ever.

(I'll let you all judge how functional that actually is.)

So projects are getting done.  Holver Alley Crew was sent to the agent today.  I've been doing plenty of work on Maradaine Constabulary, and should have that draft finished pretty soon.  Ideas are percolating.  Work is getting done.  I finished reading the manuscript for my critique group ahead of time, for once. 

I like having my January be useful and productive.  How about that?

So therefore, back into the Word Mines.

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