Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excerpts and Workshops

It's been a busy week on this end, so this post will mostly be links.

First, I've updated the Works page on my homepage.  I updated the samples of Thorn of Dentonhill, Holver Alley Crew and Maradaine Constabulary, as well as adding an in-draft sample of Way of the Shield.  The Bat City Novelcrats will be tearing up Shield in the near future, so if you want an early stab on that, feel free to check it out and tell me how many mistakes I made. 

After all, I can always use more critiquing.  And so could you! The deadline for the ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop is fast approaching.  (How's that for subtlety?)

Seriously, the deadline is on Monday.  You may look at it and say, "Hmm, that's $75.  That's a lot."  But you get membership to ArmadilloCon with it, and THAT is worth $40.  Plus you get lunch.  That's, like, another $10.  So, if you think about it, it only costs $25.  You get hands-on critiquing and interaction with TONS of writing and publishing pros for $25.  You can't beat that value.  Again, here's the line-up of teachers:

Elizabeth Bear, Julie Kenner, Scott Lynch, Robert Bennett, Liz Gorinsky, Mark Finn, Martin Thomas Wagner, Martha Wells, Matthew Bey, Nicole Duson, Scott Johnson, Jessica Reisman, Cat Rambo, Joe McKinney, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Anne Bishop, Stina Leicht, Jeremy Lassen, and Amanda Downum.

See?  Awesome.  Well, awesome and that Maresca guy.  But he probably won't make it lame.  

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A. Lockwood said...

Aaaahhh, I want to go so badly, but the timing this year is awful. It's painful knowing I'm not going to be able to go.