Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mark Your Calendars: ArmadilloCon Writers' Workshop

So, I haven't quite started bulking up my Con appearances yet-- I'll save that more for the back end of 2014, and expect to see me attending several in 2015, at least in Texas. 

But I will definitely be attending ArmadilloCon (July 25th-27th) , in part because it's my local con, and in part because I'm running the Writers' Workshop with Stina Leicht.

I've spoken before of the workshop, and if you followed my Path To Publication posts, you saw that I attended several times before "graduating" to the other side of the table.  So I say as a former student, this is a very valuable resource for an up-and-coming writer.  Now, in being responsible for it, it is of great importance to me to maintain that level of quality.

Think about it: for $70, you A. get full attendance to ArmadilloCon plus B. get the workshop on Friday.  A full day of panels and interactive critique of your work by writing professionals.  For the aspiring professional writer, that is invaluable.

So: Friday, July 25th for the workshop.  Deadline for submission is June 15th.  If you can attend, I highly recommend it.

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