Monday, August 29, 2016

Keeping My Head In Many Places

So, here's the really strange thing about doing this work: where I am is several steps ahead of what's out in the world.  This, of course, only makes sense.  For An Import of Intrigue to be hitting shelves in a few weeks*, I had to finish writing it months ago, and it had to go through copyedits and proofs and such before it makes it to your hands.  Similarly, The Holver Alley Crew is locked down, with only final proofs left to do.  So while I'm talking about those two the most right now-- where my head is at is with the books down the road: finalizing The Imposters of Aventil and drafting Lady Henterman's Wardrobe, as well as fixing the outline for A Parliament of Bodies, outlining some novellas and...
Well, more stuff for the future. 
Needless to say, sometimes I get very confused.
I've joked that I need a good Wall-of-Crazy program to hash out ideas and such, as actually taking over a wall with maps and post-it notes would probably make my wife cross. I prefer to not make my wife cross, so I don't do that.  
And then I discovered that the folks who made Scrivener-- which I deeply love as a program to write novels on-- made a thing called Scapple which is essentially a Wall Of Crazy program.  So far, I'm really liking it.  Still just using the trial version, but I'll be springing for it shortly.  It's been a good way to get my head clear, and open up all the plans I have.
And, reader, there are so many plans.  Can't wait to share them with you.  

*- And currently available on NetGalley for reviewers!

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