Monday, August 22, 2016

Where Did August Go?-- Hugos, Reviews and Imposters

Happy Monday!  It's already the 22nd.  I feel like I turned around, and the month is nearly over.  And there's still so much I need to do, in the rest of the month and the rest of the year.   I'm not worried-- I can do the work.  It just seems the whole summer was a blur.  
But in other news: Sheila Gilbert won the Hugo for Best Editor Long Form!  This thrills me to no end.  Needless to say I think it's well deserved, especially considering that the award represents her work for books released in 2015, which includes The Thorn of Dentonhill and A Murder of Mages.  So, of course I'm proud just at the idea that my work helped contributed to her win.

In other news, I found this lovely video review of several SFF books, but her highlight is A Murder of Mages.  Which is pretty cool.  
Finally, Powder & Page gives The Alchemy of Chaos a four-star review.  "Mr. Maresca has provided his readers with another dashing adventure in Maradaine and it was GREAT."  This sort of thing always makes me happy.  It's been a good weekend.
Also from the Powder & Page review: "I’m waiting for the characters to overlap, even if it’s just a tiny, insignificant interaction. I’m going to shriek and wave the book about in a dangerous looking manner and find someone to fangirl about it to if that moment ever comes."
That reminds me: I need to finish the final draft of The Imposters of Aventil.  I do have a Hugo-winning editor to answer to, after all.  
Back to the word mines.

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